Green Hybrid Habitats- An Affordable, Hurricane Proof-Engineered to 200 MPH, Flood Proof, Tornado/Fire Resistant, Low Maintenance, Healthy, Eco-Intelligent, Green Smart Home

Green Hybrid Habitats - Building the Next Generation of Homes Today

Green Hybrid Habitats Builds to Suit Your Needs

We offer two types of homes:

Option 1- Structural Steel Insulated Panel Home                                                          Option 2: Stick Built Home



Regardless of which you choose, custom features are standard with all of our homes.

  • Engineered house plans-up to 200 MPH winds
  • Low Energy & Low Maintenance
  • Fortified
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Eco-Intelligent Smart Home
  • Green Smart Connected Homes
  • UV Covid19 Sterilization System

There are many standard features in a Green Hybrid Habitats home including:

Option 1: SSIPs- Steel Structural Insulated Panels

The building block of a Green Hybrid Habitats home. There are so many advantages including:

Option 2-Wood Built

Green Hybrid Habitats Old Fashion Craftsmanship with a Modern Twist Stick Built Homes

Our custom built “stick” homes are engineered at 200 MPH winds and deemed to be hurricane proof for a wood-built home. The specifications are standard for a Green Hybrid Habitats home and are offered at no extra charge to the buyer.

Green Hybrid Habitats builds homes the old-fashioned way with a modern touch. Features include:

  1. No flimsy factory-built roof trusses. We build strong rafters in every house.
  2. No pressed wood, oriented strand board (OSB panels).
  3. No prefab offsite components.
  4. No shortage of materials.
  5. When we start, we finish with no delays
Peggotty Beach Homes Survive Another Monster Storm

Disaster Resistant

Disasters are happening more frequently and are more devastating each year. Our homes are:

Option 1:

  • No wood in the structure=less flammable and saves our forests
  • No drywall=flood proof and low maintenance
  • High performance impact windows
  • Exceeds FEMA standards

Option 1 & 2:

  • Engineered for winds up to 200 MPH in 14 States
  • Waterproof Floors
  • High performance impact windows

Environmentally Green & Healthy Home

Our homes are kind to the earth and to the health of its inhabitants.

  • When available we use eco-friendly, recycled and/or recyclable products for every feature in the house from door knobs to cabinets
  • Covid19 UV Sterilization
  • HPWH heat pump water heaters-saves 70% energy (optional)
  • We meet and exceed LEED Green Certified requirements
  • HERS Rated Energy Efficient Homes-Fortified Homes
  • Whole house ventilation system for indoor air quality
  • Smarthings voice activated device
  • Star Energy light fixtures and appliances

Eco-Intelligent Smart Home

Breathe easier and be more productive with features like Covid19 UV Sterilization technology, voice activated monitors and photo doorbell system.

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