Monthly Archives: March 2021

The COVID-19 Free Healthy Home

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has always been a top priority for Green Hybrid Habitats, but the health of our customers and their families is even more important to us now after a year of pandemic-induced shutdowns.  Most of us expect that our employer’s building will be kept to high standards through government-mandated air quality codes, standards, and regulations, but far fewer of us have applied similar expectations to our own houses. Now that we have […]

Severe Weather Preparedness

8 things we can do NOW to prepare for severe weather and climate events “Severe Weather Preparedness Week” was last week and “Flood Safety Awareness Week” is next week, but it doesn’t matter when we start learning about and preparing for all types of natural disasters as long as we do it PRIOR to the next severe weather event.  What we absolutely do not want to do is end up regretting our level of preparedness […]