Monthly Archives: April 2021

Offering a Holistic Return on Your Investment

GHH Share Subscriptions promise what we call a ‘Holistic Return’ for the investor. Green Hybrid Habitats welcomes investors at any level! We need investors like you, whether you are building your own Green Hybrid Habitats home or you are just looking for a green, sustainable, company like ours to get a solid rate of return on your investment. With the GHH Share Subscription Investment Opportunity, a $5,000 investment equals a share subscription of 5,000 stock […]

Your Dream Home Doesn’t Have to Grow on Trees

The price of lumber has more than doubled since this time last year when production slowed in anticipation of a decrease in demand caused by the pandemic lockdowns. That scenario didn’t quite play out, however, as people stuck at home quickly turned to DIY build and repair projects instead now that they had so much more time on their hands to survey and address their home R&M needs.  Lumber demand actually increased as production and […]