Colie Dooley’s Story


Colie Dooley became an entrepreneur at the age of 25 when he began a professional journey that would include the founding and running of 4 successful corporations. Along the way, he received his GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) designation as a builder with in-depth knowledge on technical issues related to the industry, and he opened the first home-inspection company in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Colie was instrumental in pushing South Carolina lawmakers to require that all inspectors must be licensed to do business in that state.

Colie became an extraordinarily successful custom home niche builder, and the money rolled in with that success. He lived what he thought was the high life. 

He and Frances had two children, Tres and Alicia, and by age 38, he owned a 6,300 square foot house on the exclusive Figure 8 Island, two row houses in Wrightsville Beach, and an oceanfront duplex in Kure Beach, NC. In his mind, he had it all; the family, the sports cars, the well-appointed houses, and the women… 

He did what he wanted, when he wanted, and with whomever he wanted. 

Colie had been raised in a religious family, and he and his wife, Frances, had been active in starting College Acres Baptist Church, but he was far from God during those years of sinful life. He had allowed his monetary achievement and false sense of power to corrupt his soul and turn him away from God. He knew that Frances should have left him a thousand times over as he frolicked in the sinful life of the wealthy playboy, but he didn’t care about all that at the time. After all, he was living what he thought was the American Dream.

The false gods that he had come to worship evaporated from his life on the night his son, Tres, was struck down with a “widow-maker” heart attack.

Tres was 43 at the time he suffered the massive heart failure. He was air-lifted to Wilmington, North Carolina, and spent the night in intensive care where his heart flatlined 24 times as his parents looked on in despair. Colie, who had not been to his church in nearly 25 years, went outside to his car, raised his hand to God, and prayed that his son would be spared.

Tres, in and out of consciousness, heard one doctor say, “Wrap him up, he’s gone.” Although unable to speak or even move his eyes, Tres drew out every last ounce of strength and moved a thumb being held in a nurse’s hand. Miraculously, the nurse felt the movement and told the doctor to wait. Tres was still alive. There was hope.

Given a 2% chance of survival, Tres would live another 3 ½ years. During that time, he witnessed his father’s rebirth into a life of Christ. Colie kept his word to his family and to God, and he recommitted himself to live for the passion of Jesus. 

Out of that passion was born Green Hybrid Habitats, a company founded and developed by Colie and owned by his daughter, Alicia Zimmerman

Green Hybrid Habitats is Colie’s “Give Back” company. It is his legacy project to take all that he has learned as a builder and developer – the good and the bad – and put that knowledge to use for the benefit of every potential homebuyer in the country. This time, instead of seeking only wealth, power, and position, Colie is using his company to give back to communities throughout the U.S., directly through the Pay-It-Forward Program as well as through the very homes being built; the fortified, green, sustainable, eco-intelligent, smart, and healthy homes that are Green Hybrid Habitats. 

Colie is writing a book about his personal journey back to his church called, How God Finally Got My Attention

“By the grace of God, Green Hybrid Habitats is a Christian-based company. We are called to give back to the communities where we build our homes with our Pay-It-Forward Program. God bless you all. Be joyful. Be still and watch God work. I thank Jesus for saving my soul, and I know that I will see Tres again someday in Heaven.” 

– Colie Dooley