Fractional Co-Ownership and Mutltigenerational

Fractional Co-Ownership and Mutltigenerational Facts and Features. For more information, please email or call 828-216-6529.

Enjoy four wonderful weeks per year on the coast, forever.

Fractional Co-Ownership and Mutltigenerational 

Fractional ownership gives you four weeks per year, one in each season. As the years pass, the weeks rotate forward overtime you will enjoy every week of the year. It’s truly the most cost-efficient way to enjoy home ownership on the coast. Most property owners spend 4 weeks a year on vacation. The cost of a vacation rental is far more. The benefit of fractional ownership at Wolf Retreat is property ownership; you will have a Warranty Deed.

Purchasing Fractional Co-Ownership and Mutltigenerational 

Purchasing fractional ownership at Wolf Retreat is not purchasing a timeshare in a timeshare community. Your fractional ownership will give you a fee simple warranty deed. However, fractional ownership is subject to the same rules and guidelines that is laid out by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission including the Public Offering Statement.

Finance Your Fractional Co-Ownership and Mutltigenerational

Financing is available to help you obtain your fractional interest. Your share is a deeded interest with a fee-simple warranty deed that can be pledged as collateral for a first mortgage.

Benefits of fractional ownership are endless. If you know you won’t be using all of your weeks, you can rent it out and have the income go directly to you. There is no need to hire a rental/management company and pay their fees. Green Hybrid Habitats Management Co. will take care of all the details or if you decide to handle the rental week(s) on your own, you can do that too.

Green Hybrid Habitats Has Done all the Work

Green Hybrid Habitats has done all the work. The Fractional Ownership properties shares are in a single home, no community. You may be aware already of the need for partnership agreements, budgets and covenants to maintain and govern the property and the need for clean rules and regulations so all owners may enjoy the property equally. At The Wolf Retreat we’ve already done that for you. 

Green Hybrid Habitats Management Company

Green Hybrid Habitats Management Company prepares budgets and administers the covenants. Your maintenance fee covers all the taxes, insurance, maintenance, regular refurbishing and amenities. As a fractional owner, you will have membership, voting rights in the association. All you need to do is enjoy your vacation.

Board Representation

The Homeowners Association, our board president and the fractional owner is extremely involved in decision making affecting owners, including budgeting and planning. He regularly communicates directly with the other owners addressing suggestions and concerns. Green Hybrid Habitats understands that our owners are part of our team and make every effort to accommodate requests for the mutual benefit of all.

Fractional Document & Covenants

Fractional Sales are offered through a realtor and The Fractional Development Company Green Hybrid Habitats. We are registered with the NC Real Estate Commission as a timeshare project and are not valid in any state where timeshare registration requirements have not been met. For more information or if you would like a copy of our public offering statement including related timeshare documents, please email us at

Fractional ownership appeals to and attracts a diverse cross-section of people and is gaining more attention. This Forbes article is a must read if you would like to know more about fractional ownership.