Green Living: Green Hybrid Habitats Prefab Homes

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When you think of a prefab or modular home, I am sure that you, like many others, think of a dull, repetitious and boring home. The industry has come a long way and Green Hybrid Habitats is paving the way with our Charleston Style prefab, green, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood and fireproof home. 

Prefab homes are economical and produce less waste than an on-site stick-built home. Because they are constructed off-site, transported to the site and assembled, they are environmentally friendly, in that, there is less on-site garbage and less disruption to the natural habitat. 

Green Hybrid Habitats aims to have the highest standards in energy efficiency. Each home meets or exceeds the LEED’s rating system. With hours of research and meetings, we have found some of the most economically sound products for our homes. From bamboo flooring, refurbished granite countertops, ductless HVAC and so much more. 

You can find more detailed information in our brochure:


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