Green Hybrid Habitats welcomes investors at any level! 

We need investors like you, whether you are building your own Green Hybrid Habitats home or you are just looking for a green, sustainable, company like ours to get a solid rate of return on your investment.

Our next step is to be a Prefab offsite home assembly is faster and better-constructed within a plant-controlled environment, is more energy-efficient, and is better for the environment while being more affordable to the homebuyer and builder.

We are in the process of building model homes in Little River, South Carolina and Sunset Beach, North Carolina, with an active goal of finding a warehouse to refurbish as our first GHH “Prefabulous” assembly plant. 

We have identified a promising site in the “Tornado Alley” corridor of coastal North Carolina. The NC plant will be the first of ten in the United States servicing the most natural disaster-prone communities. Beyond delivering home packages quickly, efficiently, and sustainably to homebuyers in the region, the NC plant will provide 24-hr turnaround, emergency, shelter assistance to any disaster hit communities within a 500 mile radius.

Green Hybrid Habitats – Share Subscription Investment Opportunity

With a $5,000 or more investment, Green Hybrid Habitats will issue a share subscription of 5,000 stock certificates that become 5,000 company shares upon the 

Green Hybrid Habitats IPO. Investments will pay between 4.9% to 6.9% – dependent.

Compare to most banks.

upon investment amount – with marketing shares for larger investor amounts divided into Partnership Levels:

Green – $25,000 investment

Bronze – $50,000 investment

Silver – $100,000 investment

Gold – $500,000 investment

Platinum – $1,500,000 investment*

* The Platinum Partnership is an exclusive, ground-floor opportunity whereby the investor will own one of the fortified, green, sustainable, eco-intelligent, smart, and healthy Green Hybrid Habitats model homes in their community. Furthermore, 

GHH will lease-back and pay a 20% return on the lease. There will be a 2% override on all sales produced by that location or in the city of your choice. 

Rate of Return:

GHH will guarantee a rate of return of 6.9% on all Partnership level investments at the start of each fiscal year which far exceeds the average of 0.50% of a bank’s CD.

A portion of the profits will be redistributed to the shareholders, and a buyer back or buyout program is available. 

Lastly, see our Extraordinary Investor Announcement and Share Subscription information.

Please, contact us for more information.

This is our proposed Prefab assembly plant. We are currently looking for investors for a lease option.


Some of the potential investors we have written to:

Jeff Gordon

Herschel Walker

Larry Ellison

Bobby Richardson

Michael Jordon