Offering a Holistic Return on Your Investment


GHH Share Subscriptions promise what we call a ‘Holistic Return’ for the investor.

Green Hybrid Habitats welcomes investors at any level! We need investors like you, whether you are building your own Green Hybrid Habitats home or you are just looking for a green, sustainable, company like ours to get a solid rate of return on your investment. With the GHH Share Subscription Investment Opportunity, a $5,000 investment equals a share subscription of 5,000 stock certificates that become 5,000 company shares upon the 

Green Hybrid Habitats IPO. Investments will pay between 4.9% to 6.9%  – dependent 

upon the investment amount – with marketing shares for larger investor amounts divided into Partnership Levels.

Early Stage investors may join at the following Partnership Levels:

Green $25,000 investment

Bronze $50,000 investment

Silver $100,000 investment

Gold $500,000 investment

Platinum $1,500,000 investment*

What we mean by a “Holistic Return” for the investor:

Partners will receive a guaranteed 4.9%-6.9% return on their monetary investment (determined by subscription level); a “Savings and Affordability” return through the purchase of a low-priced GHH home with included efficiencies over the lifetime of that home; a “Safety” return from whole-house fortification in a home engineered to withstand hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes; and a “Health” return from living within a green, sustainable house with materials and technologies that improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and significantly reduce the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

*The Platinum Partnership Level is an exclusive, ground-floor opportunity whereby the investor will own one of the fortified, green, sustainable, eco-intelligent, smart, and healthy Green Hybrid Habitats model homes in their community. Furthermore, GHH will lease-back and pay a 20% return on the lease. There will be a 2% override on all sales produced by that location or in the city of your choice.

Green Hybrid Habitats is investing in the safety and security of homeowners throughout the United States, beginning in southeastern North Carolina.

Visit the Green Hybrid Habitats website today or call us at  (828) 216-6529 to find out how you can join GHH and help to usher in a new era of green, sustainable, disaster-mitigating, fortified smart, and healthy homes!


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