About Us


Green Hybrid Habitats is changing the entire thinking process of prefabricated residential building with a high-quality product and environmentally responsible building concepts. Our clients will enjoy a healthy, high performance home with lower utility bills and healthier indoor air quality. Imagine ordering a Charleston style house from the factory on Monday and 7 days later the home is delivered in “house box units” ready to be complete in another 3-5 days with a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). GHH homes focus exclusively on sustainable construction, building to the rigorous standards of Energy Star and The Department of Energy (DOE). All homes are Certified Green and most of the materials used are made from recycled content. Green Hybrid Habits is a cradle to cradle house that uses innovative technology, solid state lighting that is also earthquake, tornado, hurricane and flood resistant. The house of the future is here today!

Prefabricated, or modular, home construction is enjoying a renaissance in the booming green building market. The cold uniformity of prefab homes is a thing of the past. Green prefab homes are beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly are light on the planet!