Pay it Forward Program

Green Hybrid Habitats is by the Grace of Hand of God a Christian based company.

It is our belief to give back to communities where we build our homes with our Pay it Forward Program.

  1. Losing your home due to a hurricane, flood or tornado is devastating. The uncertainty following is very stressful. For many it can take years to get back into a home. Green Hybrid Habitats can eliminate one piece of the puzzle by re-sheltering you and your family quickly. Once you haul the debris from your old house, we will place a Green Hybrid Habitats home in its place quickly.
  2. There are many loans options to make this happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. The USDA has permanent financing in place for rural areas. FEMA is not able to do this. FHA has options no matter where you live. They offer a down payment assistance with 1% down payment or a regular FHA loan at 3% down payment.
  3. Green Hybrid Habitats is a vendor for and certified to do business with FEMA AND
  4. When you close on a Green Hybrid Habitats home, we will donate 20% of the profit to a local charity of your choice. If none is chosen, the donation will go to Samaritans Purse or after school youth center programs.